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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

News for the New Year

Hello everybody!
I hope you are all having a great start to the new year.
Mine started out kinda rough with the flu and sinus issues. Those would be the reasons I wasn't able to get my Life Long Scrapbook series video up last month. I just keep reminding myself that life happens no matter how you plan the way you want it to go lol
Oh! I also wanted to let you all know that I am no longer a Close to My Heart consultant. While I may try again later, for now I'mma concentrate on my health, my new series, and maybe gettin' my camera hooked up to scrap live on YouTube lol maybe ; )
If you want some of the new goodies from the newest CTMH Seasonal Expressions catalog, my auntie Janice is a great CTMH consultant. To order just go to

I'm still gonna have my HelloTarina Facebook page, my blog, my YouTube channel, and I'm still Hellotarina on Instagram. So, I've still got plenty of ways to keep you all updated on my crafty journey.

I truly hope that your 2017 is wonderful and that you all have a safe winter 💙

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Life-Long Scrapbooking Series| #1

Hi All! Just wanted to let ya know that I finally got my first Life-Long Scrapbooking Series video up! Come check it out! Are you ready to start this huge challenge with me? Leave me some jabber and let me know! Info coming soon on our It's the Little Things, December special! I hope you all have a wonderful week! ~Tarina @Hellotarina

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Pocket Scrapbooking Meets Unruly Recipe Books

Hello All!
I hope you're having a wonderful day today!
I've been working on this project for about 2 weeks now and I am finally finished. Well, as finished as I can be lol

Do any of you happen to have one of these at home?

Yep, it's a nice stack of recipe books that don't fit in my kitchen. Once the homeschool books came in, these played musical chairs with everyone in the RV. So, there was my problem, aaaand of course I used scrapbooking to solve it : )

What did I do first?
Well, I went discount scrapbook shopping, of course! :D
At my local Michael's I found a 8.5x9" Project Life binder; in the clearence section and half off.  I also grabbed a gold washi tape set, on sale as well lol Who can resist washi tape on sale?!? Aaand that was pretty much the extent of my shopping trip. Yep, can you believe it?! Most of what I needed for this project I already had in my stash.
And most of the time lol MOST of the time, I'm good like that ;D

After I got the shopping out of the way, I focused on which recipes I wanted to keep. I had my girls go through and tab every recipe they wanted to try. As you can well imagine, I ended up with about 100 dessert recipes, about 9 mac 'n cheese and/or grilled cheese recipes! Lol As I was typing these up, I added anything I wanted to add and took away about 3/4 of the ways you can make just plain ole mac 'n cheese or grilled cheese. Did I mention how many types of cheesecake recipes they'd tabbed?!? I had to knock out some of those too lol

The next step was typing them up. I liked the idea of rouned edges on my recipe cards, but typing them in my Silhouette Studio was rather difficult. And I wasn't about to damage my thumbs corner rounding all those cards lol. So, Microsoft Word here I come! I set my page size to 4x6" and got to work! I also had another document sized at 6x8" for my full page recipes, too. I think it took me a full week of typing to get them done. My back was killing me from sitting so long, but somehow, my wrists didn't hurt one bit! By that point, I was so glad I'd decided to keep the old betty crocker cookbook. Lol Once I got them printed, I felt a lot of the weight of 'getting this done' lift. Then, it was a question of organizing all of them.

I got onto my Silhouette Studio and made up a page divider for my mini binder. For right now it will just be 1 page divider.... until I get the urge to change it lol

Did I mention that I LOVE my Cameo Silhouette?!?

I used the CTMH Florence collection for my recipe book. I've been hoarding it for this project for a while now lol

Finally, it was time to embellish the cards. Yes, I know it's a recipe book. Yes, I know most people would stop before the embellishment part. Because I wanted this project to be a useable piece of art, I had to make it feel cohesive and complete. Again, I'd hoarded my Florence goodies so I had the coordinating stampset, the Compliments, and rosegold foil tape to play with. I didn't want to add a ton of embellishments, so it went pretty quickly. 
Here's a few of the finished recipe cards:

I had just enough left over pages that I can either add more recipes as I go, like the new Chinese style Chicken Fried Rice recipe I found, or I can add photos of some of the foods we really like. Or I can do both ;D

I asked if I would do this project again, I would say yes! I would definately do it again!
I would totally prefer copy and pasting the recipes into Word lol. Now that my huge stack of recipe books has shrunk down to 3 (had to keep the ancient BH&G and the other a bridal shower gift), I think I can do it the easy way lol and maybe one or 2 recipes at a time.

I have a video posted on my YouTube channel if you would like a full flip-through.
If you would like to see the newest collections from Close to My Heart, click here and you will be taken straight to my CTMH page.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

What's in my box?!?!? | CTMH Product Close-ups

Hi All!
I just posted this video on my YouTube.
I'm hoping it will give you guys an idea of what sizes things that you order are, what they actually look like and some ideas on how you could use holiday themed products for everyday projects as well. It also shows how excited I am to be able to create with my new goodies lol.

If you'd like to know more about how to get your hands on these new goodies too, my creative and shopping links are listed below.
Thanks for stoppin' by!
~Tarina LaFollette

Come visit my world of inspiration!

Go Shopping!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Where I've been- Aug. 2016

Hey All!
Where have I been?
Well, I have been camping,


gold panning &
garnet panning,
twice lol,

birthday party planning and hosting,

aaaand back to school getting ready-ing! :D

Even though I LOVE living these experiences with my kids, honestly, not being able to create has been driving me crazy! I've got my hands on some of the new Close to My Heart paper lines and thinking about all my old photos and I am extremely excited to put them together! I have sooo many ideas running through my mind and the new CTMH catalog has tons of beautiful and inspiring artwork.

I've also decided to start a new, kind of Life Long series (Oooo! That's a great name for it! And that, my friends, is how quickly Inspiration hits! : )) which is somewhat like Picture My Life/Project Life only I will be mixing up my memory keeping styles, decorative and pocket, which is technically how my style seems to roll. I so can't wait to get my craft on again!!!

So, while I've impatiently been waiting for school to start for the rest of my kids, and the neighbor kids lol, I have been trying to get caught up on a few things I was supposed to be working on during the summer lol. Like vinyling waterbottles, which I just completed. Yay, me!

And getting the kids' P.E. clothes done. Sounds kinda weird, I know, but this school requires each student to wear a school name labeled shirt in P.E. While they do sell pre-made shirts for school spirit, my children are spoiled lol. There's no other way to put it lol. They don't like the pre-designed ones, so of course, I offer to make them myself with my Silhouette and fabric paint. Needless to say, they need to be done within a week.....and I'm still workin' on it ;D

I also have this lovely stack of recipe books that got kicked to the curb for school supplies lol. So, it's been playing musical chairs, couch, stools, and counters for about a month now. I'll have a post soon of how I saved the recipes. I am sooo ready to be done with all this homebody work! I wanna play!!!!

So, without further ado, I'm gonna go get this homebody work done!

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Giveaway over at HelloTarina!

Hi Everybody!
I waned to share with you all my latest Facebook post.
I'M HAVIN' A GIVEAWAY!!! Finally!! lol

But FIRST, I have some more exciting news!
The new CTMH Holiday Expressions 2 catalog and Idea book is now avalilable!!!

Are you inspired yet?
I am, just by the cover!
If you wanna see the rest of the catalog, this Holiday Expressions 2 Catalog Album  link will take you right to it.
If you would like one of these catalogs, or one of the new Annual Inspirations 2 catalogs, or both lol message me through HelloTarina and I will get those out to you!
There's also a 'Shop Now' button on my Facebook if you want to shop after seeing all the new goodies : )

So, here's the even better part!
With the new Holiday Expressions 2 live, I thought it'd be fun to do a giveaway to celebrate.
Click on the link below to go to the HelloTarina, Goody bag giveaway on my Facebook page.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Wedding Present

Hey there Everybody!
I hope your week is going great. :)

So, as you know from my blog, instagram, and facebook pages I love to create things. Wedding gifts are no exception lol. My Sis-In-Law celebrated her wedding day back in May of this year and I made the newly weds a gift but couldn't post it till they'd opened it. 
Now that they have it in their new home and on their wall, I suppose I can share it with you all :D

I walked all over Michaels looking for just the right thing to alter and guess what I found?
Just the right thing of course! lol

While this was pretty great just as it was (minus some embellishments lol)... I knew she had loved the Special Day card I had made them. I had used the Charlotte Compliments by Close to My Heart and I wanted to keep their gift in the same color theme.
I thought about using acrylic paint, but I really wanted something a bit tougher since it is an interactive piece of home decor. Lucky for me, my local Lowe's was having a half off on their paint samples, so I took the package of Compliments in there with me and decided on grey and white. I kinda wanted to keep it neutral.
I took all the hardware off; even the magnetic part and got to painting.
I do have a video up on my Youtube of the steps I took to create this gift, if you are interested.

Once I painted and dried a few coats of gray, I added the white. I painted it on and used a dry paper towel to wipe it off. This left me with a vintage/distressed look. Once dry, I replaced the hardware.

I took some Recollections clips, E-6000, and some wafer thin magnets and made the clips magnetic. These hold the pics up great.

Getting my hands on some pics so soon after the special day wasn't the easiest thing, but I was able to mat them and keep them all in the color theme once I had them.
Here's a pic of me and my creative mess : )

I did buy some Recollections flowers from Michaels as well. Yes, I could've made them by hand, but I wanted to get this done, packaged and ready to send out.

I did end up using several of my leftover Charlotte Compliments as well as My Mind's Eye, Fancy That, 6x6 paper pad.

I made these clips specificaly so that as time went on and they made more memories, they could add or replace the pics.

I got a message from my Sis-In-Law saying she'd received the package and that it was perfect; matched her house perfectly. and also, that they were just talking about how they needed a solution to losing the house and car keys all the time lol.
So glad it was helpful for more than just pics : )

If you haven't tipped the brave scale and tried to alter an item yet, I highly recommend trying. It's a very forgiving process and the end result can be great in many different ways : )
Thanks for stoppin' by!